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Azure AD Connect Group WriteBack

Groups writeback enables customers to leverage cloud groups for their hybrid needs. If you use the Microsoft 365 Groups feature, then you can have these groups represented in your on-premises Active Directory. This option is only available if you have...

3rd party app management with SCAPPMAN (pt. 1)

Introduction SCAPPMAN is a "Software as a Service" platform that allows organizations of any size to simplify and manage application and patch management for Microsoft Intune. It is a Belgian-based start-up that made the choice of opting for a full cloud management...

Retrieving all Hybrid AAD joined Devices

When starting a pilot for Hybrid Azure AD join, it can be useful to keep track of the number of devices that currently are already Hybrid Azure AD joined. The most straight-forward way to do so is within the GUI of the Azure AD portal: However, when used for reporting...

Run AAD Connect Sync & Monitor Status

Depending on the size of an AD environment (and more specifically, the number and location of objects that are in scope to be synced), a delta sync can take anywhere between a couple of seconds and significantly longer. Checking if a sync currently is running is...

PowerShell Quicktip: list all Azure MFA-enabled users

Recently, I got a question from a customer to list all users that already enrolled in Azure MFA (through, for example, the url The following PowerShell code lists all non-disabled users that already enrolled in Azure MFA: Connect-MsolService...
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