The Curious Case of The Missing Team

Recently, during a very pleasant endeavour at one of my customers, I got involved in a curious case I would love to share with “the world”.

All administrators were able to see (nearly) all teams in the admin center. With one exception. There was a certain team (which was created exactly the same way as all others), that certain admins were not able to see.

The basics were all checked: permissions, powershell, graph api, … I even opened a Microsoft case for it.

After some troubleshooting (alas, without the help of MS Support), i figured out a work-around.

Retrieving the resourceprovisioningoptions content (Set Microsoft 365 group behaviors and provisioning options – Microsoft Graph | Microsoft Learn ) for that specific M365 Group showed “Team”, as expected. But still, not all admins were able to see the Team in the admin center.

Setting the value to Null:

And there-after reapplying the correct value:

Solved the issue for all admins.