macOS : shortcuts to remember

After just having moved to macOS as my main laptop after a lifetime of Windows, (I’ll let you all know how that goes) it’s remarkable to notice that, in my experience, macOS is built for mouse usage.

That does not mean things are not feasible with a keyboard, though. This article sums up the most useful keyboard shortcuts I have come across while working with macOS.

This list will start rather small, but will grow as I encounter more use cases, and thus, more key combinations.

Key CombinationResult
Command-BackSpaceDelete selected files
Shift-Option-Command-4Create a screenshot from a selectable area and copy it to the keyboard
Command-SpacebarOpen Spotlight
Command-DAdd to favorites (imagine being a lifelong Windows User… 🥲)
Command-CCopy selection to clipboard
Command-XCut selection to clipboard
Command-VPaste selection from clipboard
Command-LIn browser, set focus on the address bar

The Curious Case of The Missing Team

Recently, during a very pleasant endeavour at one of my customers, I got involved in a curious case I would love to share with “the world”.

All administrators were able to see (nearly) all teams in the admin center. With one exception. There was a certain team (which was created exactly the same way as all others), that certain admins were not able to see.

The basics were all checked: permissions, powershell, graph api, … I even opened a Microsoft case for it.

After some troubleshooting (alas, without the help of MS Support), i figured out a work-around.

Retrieving the resourceprovisioningoptions content (Set Microsoft 365 group behaviors and provisioning options – Microsoft Graph | Microsoft Learn ) for that specific M365 Group showed “Team”, as expected. But still, not all admins were able to see the Team in the admin center.

Setting the value to Null:

And there-after reapplying the correct value:

Solved the issue for all admins.