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The Curious Case of The Missing Team

Recently, during a very pleasant endeavour at one of my customers, I got involved in a curious case I would love to share with "the world". All administrators were able to see (nearly) all teams in the admin center. With one exception. There was a certain team (which...

Configure External E-mail Warning

Security is the number one priority for most mature IT Service Providers. Microsoft is no exception. An often overlooked configuration parameter within Exchange Online is the External E-mail Warning. By enabling this option, all of your tenant users will be notified...

Azure AD Connect Group WriteBack

Groups writeback enables customers to leverage cloud groups for their hybrid needs. If you use the Microsoft 365 Groups feature, then you can have these groups represented in your on-premises Active Directory. This option is only available if you have...

3rd party app management with SCAPPMAN (pt. 1)

Introduction SCAPPMAN is a "Software as a Service" platform that allows organizations of any size to simplify and manage application and patch management for Microsoft Intune. It is a Belgian-based start-up that made the choice of opting for a full cloud management...

Retrieving all Hybrid AAD joined Devices

When starting a pilot for Hybrid Azure AD join, it can be useful to keep track of the number of devices that currently are already Hybrid Azure AD joined. The most straight-forward way to do so is within the GUI of the Azure AD portal: However, when used for reporting...

Selecting the right Subscription in PowerShell

When your organization has multiple Azure Subscriptions and you are entitled to work with them, selecting the correct subscription becomes an important thing to do. Different approaches exist. I will have a look at the two most straight forward ones. Using an argument...

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Upcoming Azure webinars

Microsoft is strongly committed on sharing knowledge and information to partners and customers. One of the channels I highly appreciate is the frequent webinars they host to announce new features or to highlight specific features. For the remainder of November 2019,...

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Almost one year ago, the new Az Powershell module was released. The major change compared to the "older" AzureRM module is the fact that it is built on the .NET standard libraries, making it cross-platform compatible. In addition, the nomenclature has been adjusted....

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